Artist: Marcelus - All

Marcelus - Ep 1


Ep 1

New French producer with Ep 1 that contains 4 raw basic techno tracks that are great dj tools. Pulsating and hypnotic tracks of which Utopia is one of... more...

12inch Deeply Rooted House: DRH032 remind

Marcelus - Ep 2


Ep 2

After an amazing debut release simply called Ep. 1, Marcelus returns to Deeply Rooted House with a exciting twelve inch 'Ep. 2'! Rawer stompin tracks... more...

12inch Deeply Rooted House: DRH034 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Markus Suckut / Marcelus - 10Inch01

Markus Suckut / Marcelus


Repitch is pleased to present the new 10inch series. For the first time we'll release original tracks from new artists so it won't be stuff from D.Car... more...

10inch Repitch Recordings: Repitch1001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Marcelus - Enlightenment EP


Enlightenment EP

New Marcelus 12'' on his own label.. forward thinking advanced techno tracks with a little of that jacking chicago drive in it. nice one!

12inch Singular: SING-R2 remind

Marcelus - Emerald EP


Emerald EP

After last year’s dystopic debut, ''Super Strength EP'', rising Parisian Cédric Bros AKA Marcelus returns to Tresor with something a little more deep... more...

12inch Tresor: Tresor261 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Marcelus - Direct Drive EP


Direct Drive EP

Marcelus is back on his own imprint with a brand new EP, it’s the fifth release on Singular records with Direct Drive EP. As usual with the French pr... more...

12inch Singular: SING-R5 remind

Marcelus - Shine EP


Shine EP

Marcelus returns to Tresor Records with ‘Shine’, the third EP on the Berlin powerhouse. Following the shiny and warm ‘Emerald’ EP released a year ago,... more...

EP Tresor: Tresor269 remind

Marcelus - Vibrations



This full length project naturally comes at a pivotal moment for Marcelus, his experiences and knowledge coming together to create a homogenous body o... more...

3x12inch Tresor: Tresor287 € 14,99

Marcelus - Magnet EP


Magnet EP

From his debut on Tresor in 2012 with the Super Strength EP, all the way through to his Vibrations long player in 2016, Paris based artist Marcelus ha... more...

12inch Tresor: Tresor305 € 9,99

Marcelus - Regeneration



''Regeneration'' is the new EP by Marcelus, back on the Out-Er label with a 4 track EP consisting of loopy, hypnotic but driven techno. As you progres... more...

12inch Out-Er: OUT029 € 10,49

Marcelus - Nyx



After his first appearance on Evod during last year, Marcelus returns with a solo EP, called Nyx. The first (main) track is characterized by a bright... more...

12inch Evod: EVODLTD014 € 11,99