Marcelus - Nyx

After his first appearance on Evod during last year, Marcelus returns with a solo EP, called Nyx. The first (main) track is characterized by a bright delayed sequence, swamped by a hard groove and big room snares. Hypnotic and killer, at the same time.“Cage Trax” seems to be a trip into liquid tubes, thanks to its sinusoidal sequences, and metallic melodies. During all the track noisy/saturated raids create a gloomy atmosphere.“Light Forms” is very clean. High frequencies bleeps and resonant sequences are intersected in various directions with fragments of pads and processed sci-fi sounds. “The Guy Who Beated Rambo” is the most dancefloor oriented track: continuously growing, the main bass sequence dominates all the track, combined with percussive and noisy elements.The last track, called “Elixir” represents perfectly Marcelus identity. Old school elements and avant-garde ones interact during all the time, fused with syncopated grooves and deep bass melodies.

12inch Evod: EVODLTD014 € 11,99