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Mind over MIDI - Components

Mind over MIDI


Helge Tommervag aka Mind over MIDI is a long time contributing artist from Norway. His work ranges back to the 80’s when he started as a member of syn... more...

CDr Diametric: 7-diam remind

Mind Over MIDI - Monolog

Mind Over MIDI


Helge Tommervag aka Mind Over MIDI blesses Diametric with his new album ''monolog''. After the success of his first album ''components'' for Diametric... more...

CD Diametric: 14-diam remind

Mind over MIDI - Explore

Mind over MIDI


The ambient and soundscapes wing of Photic Fields, First Notions, sets sail on the winds of Helge Tommervag, better known as Mind over MIDI (Silent Se... more...

CD First Notions: FN01 € 10,99