Mind over MIDI


Mind over MIDI - Explore

The ambient and soundscapes wing of Photic Fields, First Notions, sets sail on the winds of Helge Tommervag, better known as Mind over MIDI (Silent Season, Diametric). Ten tracks make up Explore. Frigid landscapes are given an audio voice. Sparseness and the unnoticed are turned to by Tommervag, the natural landscape of his cold and rugged homeland being the inspiration for this album. Milky suns dawn, ice clad trees rustle, snow creaks and stillness dominates in a collection which concentrates on introspection through outward observation. A journey into the sparkling tundra with Mind Over MIDI as your guide. Limited edition of pressed CD-copies, packed in 4-panel sleeves. Barcode: 13-0617375986008.

CD First Notions: FN01 € 10,99