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Muslimgauze - Maroon



Separated from both its reputation and its sleeve art, the music of Muslimgauze explores the relationship of visual sensations - space, colour, depth,... more...

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Muslimgauze - Chasing the Shadow Of Bryn Jones


Chasing the Shadow Of Bryn Jones

Muslimgauze: Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones is an Anthology of his early musical output and a biography on the late Bryn Jones, a Manchester, Engla... more...

10xLP Box Set w/ Book + CD VOD records: VOD121 remind

Muslimgauze - Ali Zarin


Ali Zarin

With the massive amount of material Bryn Jones had left in the vaults when he passed away in 1999, it’s hard to assess his progression, stylistic or o... more...

2LP Staalplaat: archive thirty five remind
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Muslimgauze - Ingaza



Those not familiar with Jones' style, will listen slack-jawed at the shear anticipatory nature of his sound collage. Initially released by Staalplaat... more...

2LP Staalplaat: ARCHIVETHIRTYSIX remind

Muslimgauze / Underspreche - Split

Muslimgauze / Underspreche


A very remarkable release that feat. an original track by Muslimgauze from 1985 that proofs he re-empted UK Hardcore around 5 years before anyone else... more...

12inch Optimo Music: OT018 € 9,99
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Muslimgauze - Azzazin



'Azzazin' is a double standout Muslimgauze album, first LP originally issued in 1996, as a CD and the second LP as a 10'' Tightly focused on a singula... more...

2LP Staalplaat: ARCHIVEFORTYTHREE € 39,99
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Muslimgauze - Babylon Is Iraq


Babylon Is Iraq

Unsurprisingly for a creator as prolific as Muslimgauze's Bryn Jones was, when he was asked for a contribution for any sort of group project, he would... more...

LP Staalplaat: ARCHIVEFORTYNINE € 29,99
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