Chasing the Shadow Of Bryn Jones

Muslimgauze - Chasing the Shadow Of Bryn Jones

Muslimgauze: Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones is an Anthology of his early musical output and a biography on the late Bryn Jones, a Manchester, England based musician who produced nearly 200 albums (some were multi-disc sets) between 1982 to 1998 and passed away aged 38 in 1999. Muslimgauze music can be considered a sonic treatise on Muslim-world conflicts in the form of exotic soundscape narratives, driving musical protest and rhythmic assertion. THIS INCREDIBLY DELUXE LIMITED EDITION OF 500 BOX SET CONTAINS: 10 LP BOOKLIKE-FOLDER SET (DESIGNED BY SANDRO SCHLEIER OF ITAE EXCLUSIVE DESIGN LAB) COVERING ALL MUSLIMGAUZE RECORDINGS RANGING FROM 1983-1988 + 15-TRACK-CD-COMPILATION COMPILED BY CHARLES POWNE OF SOLEILMOON (RELEASED IN COOPERATION WITH SOLEILMOON) + LARGE A1-SIZED POSTER DESIGNED BY SAMUEL AKA MO + 208 PAGE A4-SIZED BOOK ABOUT THE LIFE OF BRYN JONES. WRITTEN BY IBRAHIM KHIDER AND DESIGNED BY ERIC KESSEL / SIMON CRAB + EXTRA SPECIAL OUTER HOLDER TO HOUSE BOOK/CD AND 10 LP FOLDER.

10xLP Box Set w/ Book + CD VOD records: VOD121 remind