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Phenomyna / Stasis - Vinyle Inaugural Vol. 1

Phenomyna / Stasis

Vinyle Inaugural Vol. 1

As one of the original British interpreters of Detroit's machine music Steve Pickton is an undisputed UK techno legend - his unique take on the orig... more...

12inch Fencepiece Records: FP002 remind

Stasis - Circuit Funk


Circuit Funk

Growing up as a teenager in East London, break-dancing and writing graffiti with B12’s Mike Golding, Steve Pickton’s AKA Stais musical education moved... more...

12inch Peacefrog: PFG013 remind

Stasis - Rare and Unreleased Vol. 1


Rare and Unreleased Vol. 1

More gems from the Otherworld tape vault - two previously unreleased Stasis cuts from the early nineties and one classic from the golden era of UK Tec... more...

12inch Fencepiece Records: FP004 € 17,49

Stasis - Fromtheoldtothenew



Fromtheoldtothenew was originally released in 1996 and is the second full length on Peacefrog from Steve ‘Stasis’ Pickton. Growing up as a teenager in... more...

2LP Peacefrog: PFG046(re) € 29,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Stasis - Space 1993


Space 1993

UK techno classics alert! Steve Pickton aka Stasis released 'Space 1993' originaly on Native Sampler pt 2. Only One records has the honour to re-relea... more...

12inch Only 1: Only005 remind

Stasis - Artifax (Antigone remix)


Artifax (Antigone remix)

Official Re-edition of this UK Intelligent techno classic from 1993 by Stasis aka Soul 223 aka Otherworld with a great remix by Antigone.

12inch Syncrophone Recordings: Syncro018 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Stasis - Past Movements


Past Movements

Triple pack with all the Stasis tracks you're looking for + unreleased material.. This is classic must have material so don't sleep on this one!!

3x12inch Peacefrog: Peacefrog 046 remind

Stasis - Point of no return
12inch B: B1211 remind

Stasis - Time is Right EP


Time is Right EP

Third release on Steve Pickton’s co-owned Fencepiece record label features something special from the OTHER WORLD Studios archive - the first ever Sta... more...

12inch Fencepiece Records: FP003 remind

Stasis / Ritchie Inkle - Traffic Attic Vol. 1

Stasis / Ritchie Inkle

Traffic Attic Vol. 1

Personal techno classic favourites by P&D / Syncrophone founder Didier Allyne. Timeless.

12inch P&D: PNDTA01 € 12,49