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Ring The Bell (Posthuman, Gez Varley and Fah Remixes)

cover: Quadratschulz - Ring The Bell (Posthuman, Gez Varley and Fah Remixes)

Bleep. Easily one of the most influential sounds to grow out of the burgeoning electronics scene of the late 80s. Nowadays, easily one of the most overlooked genres. But not around Njimgen. Shipwrec are turning some deserved attention to those pioneering plinks and plonks for a 12" homage to the trailblazers of the sound, LFO. Quadratschulz provides the material, the German artist serving a warehouse brewed, acid spiked, tribute to Mark Bell and Gez Varley. Posthuman ruffle the edges that bit more with a bleary eyed 303 monster before countryman FAH gives basslines a steroid injection for a thick and meaty mix. Varley closes with a tribute to his former group. His LFO remix might be a solo endeavour but it has all the raw unrefined dancefloor energy that characterised the music of a certain pair of young lads from Leeds cerca 1990. Bleep bliss.

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