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Acid Leak

Redshape's visits to Running Back are a welcome recurrence and a soothing reminder that techno and house can still come in several shapes and sizes. R... more...

12inch Running Back: RB117 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Release Me

Reunion time again. Running Back regular Redshape returns with Release Me. Four tracks and four deeper shades of Techno (or House?). It’s not a secret... more...

12inch Running Back: RB108 remind



From slow motion techno poems to clever DJ tools by Redshape. more...

12inch Running Back: RB083 remind


Android Malfunction

Redshape is back on one of his main labels, Delsin. Having released since 2006 on the Amsterdam imprint he is now back with another four track EP expl... more...

12inch Delsin: 137DSR € 9,99


A Sole Game

Red alert! One of Berlin’s most iconic and recognized underground producers is back with his new album A Sole Game. Following up 2012’s Square, Redsha... more...

2x12inch Monkeytown: MTR091LP € 23,99


A Sole Game (Ltd. Gatefold Red Vinyl)

Red alert! One of Berlin’s most iconic and recognized underground producers is back with his new album A Sole Game. Following up 2012’s Square, Redsha... more...

2x12inch Monkeytown: MTR091LPLTD remind


The Gate / Voyager

Redshape stars in another deep tripping, sci-fi odyssey on his imprint for present 16. Opening The Gate reveals a slow but surely building burner that... more...

12inch Present: Present016 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L



''The Blink single is a labour of love spanning over 2 years evolving from Reshape’s Live Series. The ‘Tunnel mix’ takes its title from being road tes... more...

12inch Nonplus: Nonplus044 € 7,99



Redshape returns to his own label with a retrovisionist release that looks back in time as much as it looks forward to the future. Revving up on th... more...

12inch Present: Present015 remind


Best Of Live - Volume 2

August 2016 saw Running Back release a first volume of live tracks from Redshape, but January 2017 sees the much loved artist return to Delsin, his mo... more...

12inch Delsin: 120DSR remind


Best Of Live Vol. 1

10 Years Redshape Live is a special thank you to the labels Redshape mainly worked with in the past ten years. Starting on Running Back, the “Best Of... more...

12inch Running Back: RBLV1 remind


Bleep Repeat

Science fiction, psychosis and savagery converge: The ever-enigmatic Redshape returns to his own label Present with this propulsive and decidedly unea... more...

12inch Present: Present014 € 9,99


I Feel Like Riot

Feel Like Riot' and 'The Rift', stay in the vein of his sci fi laden Detroit techno style that continues to evolve but stay true to his unmistakable R... more...

12inch Nonplus: Nonplus029 remind



Running Back’s 50th anniversary comes courtesy of Redshape. After his utilitarian Bonuz Beatz effort earlier this year, the masked man is back on the... more...

12inch Running Back: RB050 remind


Bonuz Beatz Vol 1

Revisited, reduced and refined beat down versions of some of the masked man’s greatest hitz. Breakbeats, toms and open hi hats a plenty with more boun... more...

12inch Running Back: RBB001 remind



Redshape brings us his first single-sided EP since the highly acclaimed "Dog Day" on Millions Of Moments in 2007. Although both tracks were produced d... more...

One sided 12 Present: Present012 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Made Of Steel

Redshapes own Present label with a new release! Some advanced deeply rooted techno by the man with the Red Mask.

12inch Present: Present011 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Red Pack 2

Whilst the world is still enjoying the German’s latest album ''Square'', the man himself has typically moved on once more. On Red Pack II he offers up... more...

2x12inch Delsin: 101DSR/RDS6-Present10 € 16,99

Redshape / Steffi


Launched last year by online music store Bleep, the Green Series has brought together the worlds of design and cutting edge music with Karenn, The Ana... more...

12inch Bleep: BLPGRN03 remind



''Square'' is the follow up to Redshape's album debut ''The Dance Paradox'' (Delsin, 2009) - that is if you don't want to count the double impact 12-i... more...

2LP Running Back: RBlp05 remind

Redshape / Fudge Fingers

Dekmantel Anniversary Series pt. 5

Final 12'' in the series with the mighty Redshape killing it one side and Fudge Fingers ending it all on a very positive note! No need to introduce Re... more...

12inch Dekmantel: DKMNTLAS5.5 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Throw In Dirt / The Land

Redshape need no introduction, his Present releases speak for it self. A-Side ‘Throw In Dirt’ opens with vintage drum machines locked into a stooped g... more...

12inch 3024: 3024-017 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L


On Da Floor

The man with the mask shouldn't need an introduction: Delsin, Styrax Leaves and his own Present outfit have shown the man's ability to maneuver betwee... more...

12inch Running Back: RB030 remind


Son Of A...

Hot on the heels of the brilliant In Trust We Space EP, Redshape delivers two more top quality techno tracks on his own label Present. Son Of A... bri... more...

12inch Present: Present009 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Palisade (aka Redshape)

So What?

Palisade is a new project of Redshape! Expect some awesome deep House music.

12inch Laid: Laid012 remind