Redshape - Shift/Drive

Redshape returns to his own label with a retrovisionist release that looks back in time as much as it looks forward to the future.

Revving up on the A side is 'Shift', a propulsive hurtle to the final frontiers. Starting off ominously with just drums, bass and a Pollock splatter of toms, the track is soon overrun by an army of relentlessly running basslines, let loose to steer in and out like searching headlights on a dark and endless highway. With a heavier kick, the track shifts into top gear with pensive pads soaring overhead, mesmerising squeaks and his signature attention to percussive detail.

On the flip is 'Drive', which switches gears down a notch as an astrospace cruise along intergalactic coastlines - from summery California to shiny Coruscant. A rounded pounding beat with heavy sub bass bounces along to a breezy tropical melody and spacious percussive work, before riding off into a cinematic sunset that is as nostalgic as it is hopeful of the coming dawn.

Once again on the edge of spatial sound but grounded in analog warmth, Redshape has presented a revision of classic record productions that truly punches as it is meant to be felt and heard - on wax. Recommended!

12inch Present: Present015 remind