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Skudge - Convolution / Contamination


Convolution / Contamination

An original fusion of quite pacey analogue dub styles with awesome disco and techno elements. These are really limited (300) and we were lucky to get... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge001 remind

Skudge - Melodrama



More pacey dub sounds from men at Skudge.... tough and direct. Tip! ''Ok. this is a killer track'' - Skake Shakir..

12inch Skudge: Skudge002 remind

Skudge - Skudge remixes part 1
12inch Skudge: Skudge001r remind

Skudge - Overture/ Mirage


Overture/ Mirage

Raw industrial techno by Skudge on side a... minimal off-beat driven techno on the flip.

12inch Skudge: Skudge003 remind

Skudge - Skudge remixes part 3


Skudge remixes part 3

This time Rolando and 2562 (A Made Up Sound) contributes with remixes of Ontic and Convolution. Rolando takes Ontic into a deeper level with a cool... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge003r remind

Skudge - Skudge remixes part 2


Skudge remixes part 2

Two heavy remixes from Berghain/Ostgut Producer, Marcel Fengler and veteran Aubrey (Solid Groove) 500 only. The Cover design is printed on a paper sle... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge002r remind

Skudge - Below / Phantom


Below / Phantom

More techno from the Skudge boys.

12inch Skudge: Skudge004 remind

Skudge - Unknown



Proper techno tool from Skudge.

12inch Skudge: Skudgexxx remind

Skudge - Phantom



Full length double LP from Stockholm's hottest techno name at the moment! more...

2LP Skudge: Skudgelp01 remind

Skudge - Phantom



Debut album by the swedish Skudge boys with some badd ass retro futuristic techno tracks. Must have for fans of Robert Hood, early 90's minimal techno... more...

CD Skudge: SkudgeCD01 remind

Skudge - First Observation Ep


First Observation Ep

Short Promo text from the label goes like this: First Observation Ep is a first step into a second dimension.

12inch Echocord Colour: EchoC016 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Skudge - Skudge remixes part 4


Skudge remixes part 4

By running their own remix series, Skudge manages to get some of their most inspiring artists put their mark on the raw and powerful material that Sku... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge004r remind

Skudge - Man On Wire


Man On Wire

Skudge marches on as it has been marching towards tech-dominance with this moody 3-tracker..

12inch Skudge: Skudge005 remind

Skudge - Skudge remixes part 5


Skudge remixes part 5

Skudge remixe package 5 with killer mixes by Boddika and Cosmin TRG. Boddika is delivering 1 hot track after another.. this one does the job aswell! C... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge005r remind

Skudge / San Proper - Dekmantel Anniversary Series pt. 4

Skudge / San Proper

Dekmantel Anniversary Series pt. 4

Swedish duo Skudge ends Dekmantel’s compilation the way we expected them to do: with a fierce jacking and hypnotizing techno monster. Lights off and... more...

12inch Dekmantel: DKMNTLAS5.4 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Skudge - Skudge remixes part 6


Skudge remixes part 6

Mammoth remix package from Marcel Dettmann (in low key but high impact mode!) + bubbling talent Answer Code Request...

12inch Skudge: Skudge006r remind

Skudge - 001/002/003



The legendary Skudge 001, 002 & 003 back for the last time in this great Limited Edition Box (a real box, with a lid!)! more...

3x12inch Skudge: Skudge123 remind

Skudge - Fingers / Vessel


Fingers / Vessel

Machines do speak a language understood and appreciated by humans. Measured by the success of Skudge, an artistic duo that has delivered a lot in a ve... more...

12inch Nonplus: Nonplus021 remind

Skudge - Haste / Wonder Stories


Haste / Wonder Stories

Big two track 12''. The Skudge sound takes a twist into some brighter territory with both riding like champion horses. Their subtle loop theory remain... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge006 remind

Skudge  - Lost Archives I


Lost Archives I

Limited to 377 copies, hand stamped vinyl. A four-part series focusing on unreleased material from those close to the label, with the first 12'' featu... more...

12inch Indigo Aera: Aera007.1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Skudge - Ieri / Faux


Ieri / Faux

t's been an unusual while since the elusive unit had a new record out, but after an extensive row of live shows and remixes, Skudge surface once again... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge007 remind

Skudge  - Quasi / Parallel


Quasi / Parallel

mid-90's US styled Techno optimized for the floors of today. On the B-side, Parallel goes into familiar Skudge territory, with a brooding and haunting... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge012 remind

Skudge - Waveless / Motion


Waveless / Motion

Solid mainstay Skudge has been pushing their unique mixture of house and techno for over half a decade now. In a new direction of becoming a sole pro... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge009 remind

Skudge - Balancing Point


Balancing Point

Awesome new album from Stockholm's ever morphing production/live techno unit. more...

2x12inch Skudge: Skudgelp02 remind

Skudge & Splice - X0X01

Skudge & Splice


Three different takes from two different periods of time meet up in this acid focused 12''. The record features two Skudge originals from 2009, optimi... more...

12inch Skudge: SkudgeX0X01 € 9,99

Skudge - Hunted / Timing


Hunted / Timing

Skudge back on a release again after a long period, equipping the label with two new strong tracks. ”Hunting”, is a ride through a murky cave with wal... more...

12inch Skudge: Skudge008 € 8,99

Simon Baker & Skudge - Arpy EP

Simon Baker & Skudge

Arpy EP

Nofitstate is the new label project from Simon Baker and Geddes. Having been a hugely successful London based party over the past few years the duo ha... more...

12inch Nofitstate: NFS001 € 9,99

Shlomi Aber, Truncate, Skudge and JAM - 10 years Be As One I

Shlomi Aber, Truncate, Skudge and JAM

10 years Be As One I

Part 2 of Be As Ones 10 Years Anniversary special V/A release. Its time for Markus Suckut, Savas Pascalidis, Eduardo de La Calle and Yotam Avni with s... more...

12inch Be As One: BEA010y1 € 10,99