Rhythm Composer EP

Sneaker - Rhythm Composer EP

Sneaker delivering a quartet of insane analog rhythm/drum tracks that will make your wettest dj dreams come true. The Rhythm Composer EP is the culmination of two's years of painstaking refining. The result? Four pieces on one amazing sounding vinyl cut filled with warm, round bass, harsh snares and crashing cymbals from the Jacob Korn-custom-built RC-808 drum machine. The artist: 'to me the 12'' already is my statement of craftsmanship, my masterpiece in saturation and sound shaping. The tracks are stripped down to the bone - only drums. Constantly in movement. Through valve, flanger and cassette. Simple, yet complex. A timeless document of percussion, an ode to the beat.' Feeling is believing.

12inch Bio Rhythm: RHYTHM024 € 9,99