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Steven Rutter - From Me To You

Steven Rutter

From Me To You

Although B12 output has been the solo work of Steven since 2015-2017, this time he steps outside of the B12 name and releases under his own name. One... more...

12inch Firescope Records: FS009 remind

Steven Rutter - BrainFog

Steven Rutter


Beautiful IDM/Post Detroit Techno on FireScope Records, the scion of B12 Records, releases its first album from none other than its chief commander, S... more...

2x12inch Firescope Records: FS012 remind

Steven Rutter & John Shima  - Step Into The Light

Steven Rutter & John Shima

Step Into The Light

Label head Steven Rutter joins forces with John Shima (FS005) on this bright EP with its direction turned towards the light. The heavenly ‘Skywards... more...

12inch Firescope Records: FS015 remind

Steven Rutter & Bryonii - StarCrossed

Steven Rutter & Bryonii


One half of cult techno duo B12 (Warp Records) Steven Rutter pairs up with London-based vocalist and songwriter Bryonii to kick off 2020 with an album... more...

12inch Firescope Records: FS022 € 25,99