Steven Rutter


Steven Rutter - BrainFog

Beautiful IDM/Post Detroit Techno on FireScope Records, the scion of B12 Records, releases its first album from none other than its chief commander, Steven Rutter. The second credited solo release from Rutter, it signals another step away from B12 as he steadily builds on a singular vision of work under his own name. With previous releases on labels such as Warp, Soma, Delsin, ART, Buzz and De:Tuned, one of the original founders of UK techno is guided inward for this collection of 12 brand new tracks. Developed over 2 years, these tracks have previously appeared in his numerous solo live shows but are presented here for the first time as one complete narrative. The album, titled ‘BrainFog’, is the creative and spiritual catharsis of a journey beginning circa 2010, which saw the producer on a hospital bed, hours away from an ascent to the heavens and subsequently depressed and anxious while seeking liberation and escape through music. The daily battle with darkness continues today and this album is his emotions laid bare. Hauntingly beautiful in its fog-filled melancholy; it’s our pilot’s only solace on the lone flight to recovery. Recommended!!!

2x12inch Firescope Records: FS012 remind