Electric Eclectics

V/A - Electric Eclectics

Available outside of Fundamental's own store for the first time! Very limited wooden box set including 20x12'' and an additional 7'' by Arpanet. A total of 21 vinyl records in high quality sleeves manufactured with italian cardboards from 100% recycled waste and silkscreen printed one by one using luminiscent ink. Also comes with a high quality T-Shirt, silkscreen printed in luminescent ink that glows in the dark. Artists featured on this wonderful package are: Carl Finlow, Microlith, Cignol, MetaComplex, Nullptr, Scape One, Nebenprodukt, Franck Kartell, Kan3da, Das Muster, Johan Inkinen, Luxus Varta, Obergman, Foreing Sequence, Mesak, Mental Note, Cygnus, Noise&Noise, Hieroglyphica, Heimelektronik, Mauro Nakimi, Acidulant, Jensen Interceptor, Luke Eargoggle, Automatic Tasty, Mutex, Aquagonia, Noamm, Binary Digit, Martin Matiske.

21x vinyl + T-shirt Box Set Fundamental records: FR.EE.001 remind