Label: Delikatessen - All

Lusine Icl - Sustain

Lusine Icl


Excellent L'Usine electronica featuring a Funkstorung remix!

10inch Delikatessen: PLATE1 remind

Funckarma - Bourbon Sounds


Bourbon Sounds

100% single lowland dutch wisky. Distilled and aged in Holland, bottled in Germany.. 4 track 10" with experimental electronix..

10inch Delikatessen: Dellikatessen plate 4 remind

Lilienthal - Anti-Matter



Again some nice crunchy minimal melangolic electronics on this plate..!

12inch Delikatessen: Delikatessen plate 5 remind

Deru - Pushing soil


Pushing soil

Server on this plate are remixes from Lusine, Lo Grey Beam, Xela and Ginormous.. Bon a petit!

12inch Delikatessen: Delikatessen Plate 8 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Crunch - Crunch 10''


Crunch 10''

Nice crunchy, crispy, electronica.

12inch Delikatessen: Delikatessen plate 2 remind

V/A - Metametics remixes


Metametics remixes

Neo Ouija brings us a new Delikatessen plate with nice crunchy electronics by Sense, Lgb, Xela and Setzer..

12inch Delikatessen: Delikatessen plate 3 € 9,99