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22-05-2019 - wednesday

Black Loops  - JAH Love

Black Loops

JAH Love

Kerri Chandlers Madhouse with some quality New York house tracks by Black Loops!

12inch Madhouse: KCT1183 remind

16-10-2018 - tuesday

Kevin Over  - Lavender EP

Kevin Over

Lavender EP

Berlin-based producer and DJ Kevin Over has been on the rise over the past few years with a steady stream of output on the likes of Gerd’s 4Lux, Dj St... more...

12inch Madhouse: KCT1178 remind

10-09-2018 - monday

Various Artists   - 25 Years of Madhouse
2x12inch Madhouse: KCT1177 remind

19-04-2018 - thursday

Frag Maddin  - Ferienhouse Ep

Frag Maddin

Ferienhouse Ep

Classic NY house on the a-side and a modern take of house on the flip side. Coming with remixes by Black Loops & Kevin Over on Kerri Chandlers Madhous... more...

12inch Madhouse: KCT1174 remind

27-03-2018 - tuesday

Demuja  - Come To Me


Come To Me

Lovely rolling and groovin house tracks on Madhouse! Check out that b-side... 90s New Jersey Garage House!

12inch Madhouse: KCT1172 remind

23-02-2018 - friday

29-11-2017 - wednesday

17-07-2017 - monday

Various Artists - Madhouse Summer

Various Artists

Madhouse Summer

Kerri Chanlder presents a Various Artist summer sampler! Up first is Roog & Dennis Quinn feat. Berget Lewis’ ‘Igohart’ which saw support from the like... more...

12inch Madhouse: KCTDL1166 remind

18-05-2017 - thursday

Kerri Chandler  - Fingerprintz EP

Kerri Chandler

Fingerprintz EP

Originally released back in 1995 the 'Fingerprintz EP' is truly a New York house masterclass.

12inch Madhouse: MAD0530 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

29-03-2017 - wednesday

Kerri Chandler - Panic EP

Kerri Chandler

Panic EP

Madhouse number 2 sees Kerri dropping his 4 track 'Panic EP' on us, released in 1992 - As fresh as ever! Driving, funky, stripped back and with that t... more...

12inch Madhouse: KTC100217 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

06-05-2016 - friday

Kerri Chandler & Troy Denari - The Way It Goes (Track 1)

Kerri Chandler & Troy Denari

The Way It Goes (Track 1)

New Jersey's Kerri Chandler has been heading up the Madhouse imprint since 1992 and over the past two decades has released a string of material from h... more...

12inch Madhouse: KCTDL1154 remind

09-04-2013 - tuesday

Various Artists - A Basement, A Red Light, And A Feelin'

Various Artists

A Basement, A Red Light, And A Feelin'

Classic Kerri Chandler 6 track ep with soulful New York house tracks by Dreamer G, Grampa, Jiletta Riley and others more...

12inch Madhouse: KCLP0623 remind

Tony Lionni - Bijou ep

Tony Lionni

Bijou ep

Tony Lionni returns to Madhouse following his massive debut release for the label back in April this year. We?re massive fans of Tony here at Madhouse... more...

12inch Madhouse: KCT1127 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tony Lionni - Lost Souls Ep

Tony Lionni

Lost Souls Ep

Effective classic house tracks that tend to the Detroit techno sound of the late 90's with morphing synths and hypnotic pads and jazzy influences like... more...

12inch Madhouse: KCT1123 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kerri Chandler - Ozone EP

Kerri Chandler

Ozone EP

4 track ep with solid house cuts. 90's Jersey vibes with a little touch of jazz o some of the trcks. Proper dj tools!

12inch Madhouse: KCT1122 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DJ Steaw  - Bel Air

DJ Steaw

Bel Air

DJ Steaw with three classic house cuts on Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse Records.

12inch Madhouse: KCTLP1168 remind