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17-07-2023 - monday

Sterac, Kr!z


Helmed by two longstanding legends of the scene, our next installment pays tribute to the Benelux techno connection as we welcome Dutch maestro Steve... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL019 € 12,99

05-06-2023 - monday

Various Artists


Celebrating ten years of uncompromising devotion to techno and its bastard cousins from the fringes, Rotterdam's finest MORD and RYC team up to delive... more...

4x12inch Reclaim Your City: MORDRYC001 € 45,00

03-04-2023 - monday

Marcal, Nicolas Vogler, Hurdslenk, Ruben Ganev


Fierce techno on this 4 artist release. Locked and loaded, here comes the next salvo in RYC's line of action. Going by the name "Heimat" - the German... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL018 remind
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26-09-2022 - monday

Amotik, Janice


For the next instalment in our split series, we handed the reins over to two producers whose work has kept us continually inspired over the last few y... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL017 € 11,99

11-07-2022 - monday

Jeroen Search


Quality techno from this Dutch Techno Don! A stalwart of the Dutch techno scene since the mid nineties, Jeroen Schrijvershof has been ploughing his ow... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL016 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

16-05-2022 - monday

Eric Fetcher, Arthur Robert

Strange Ability

Deep and trippy big room techno tracks on the fifteenth iteration of Reclaim Your City. The trip goes to Paris via Vienna with complimentary pair Eric... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL015 € 11,99

06-09-2021 - monday

Stanislav Tolkachev

Up The Steel Stairway

Ukrainian don Stanislav Tolkachev resurfaces with his debut solo four-tracker for RYC. Not quite swerving from the sonic pathway his name has become s... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL014 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

10-08-2020 - monday

04-05-2020 - monday

Deniro, Rene Wise

Liquid Shards

Some proper straight forward techno on Reclaim Your City. Their first 2020 release 'Liquid Shards' - a split 12" epic courtesy of Den Haag's TAPE co-f... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL012 remind

28-10-2019 - monday

I Murdered, Orphx, JK Flesh

Blood In Blood Out

Fierce acid and techno cuts by I Murdered, Berlin local Janice and US-born, Berlin-relocated Luis Flores reignite the flame with their hardline second... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL011 remind

25-03-2019 - monday

Sterac, Dimi Angelis, Oscar Mulero, Psyk


Back with its tenth iteration in near half a decade of intense activity, the Rotterdam-via-Berlin based outlet is set to enter a new aesthetic cycle,... more...

12inch + Download Reclaim Your City: RYCL010 remind

10-12-2018 - monday

Wrong Assessment, Alfredo Mazzilli, Newa, Skyra


After traversing the globe through epicentres that have established Techno as a genre thats here to stay, such as Berlin, New York, and London, Reclai... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL009 € 9,99

21-02-2018 - wednesday

12-04-2017 - wednesday

Various Artists

New York_Chicago

Joining the force for the seventh edition of Reclaim Your City comes two major influencers from the United States, New York and Chicago with Adam X an... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL007 € 10,99

15-12-2016 - thursday

05-12-2016 - monday

Various Artists

Berlin_Paris 2.0

RYC continues a global showcase of Techno cities. Reunited for a second time, the finest talents of Berlin and Paris put their heavyweight tracks on v... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL005 remind

18-03-2016 - friday

Various Artists

Stockholm_Helsinki 1.0

Reclaim Your City continues its journey in search for fresh originals from techno-centric regions across the globe. On this fourth release in their de... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL004 remind

08-01-2016 - friday

Various Artists

Dnepr_Vancouver 1.0

Reclaim Your City presents the third installation in itss devoted series showcasing talents from techno-centric regions across the globe, this time Dn... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL003 remind

Various Artists

Rome - Barcelona 1.0

''For its second release RYC has decided to showcase Rome and Barcelona, two cities with both a very healthy upcoming techno scene. For this second re... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL002 remind

Various Artists

Berlin - Paris

Strong quality techno with the concep from a weekly broadcast show on the Dutch-based XT3 Radio, Reclaim Your City, now also a label.

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL001 remind