Marc Acardipane ft. Rave Creator, Mescalinum United

New Mind Coming

Marc Acardipane ft. Rave Creator, Mescalinum United   - New Mind Coming

Two seminal and thoroughly essential bangers from Marc Acardipane's ahead-of-his-time back catalogue. For its 13th release, RYC takes us for a one-off, wildly enjoyable detour via the classic hardcore scene with fully remastered versions. First in line, the originally 1996-released 'A New Mind (Cold Rush Phuture Mix)' proves it's lost nothing of its implacably pinning, gravity-defying impact. Slowly but surely obliterating all will in you to resist the forthcoming tide in a blaze of whooping 909 punishment and screeching tyres, the second half finishes us off in a euphoric explosion of seesawing bass stabs and poly-octave rollercoasting. A raging anthem of its own recorded in '92, 'The 2nd Coming' picks up the flow and amps up the horsepower to weave a frantic ballet of steroid-infused sines, molten circuitry and all-devouring drums. 28 years on and counting, where are the disciples at? Flip sides and here's The Hague's duo Ghost In The Machine taking on Rave Creator's 'A New Mind'; steering the original further deep into murky industrial rave waters. Emphasising on elements lifted from the track's uplifting finale, the Dutchmen's buildup aims at striking hard and striking sure. A no-frills, rugged-as-it-gets weapon of sorts, the revamp's all set at plunging the dancefloor into the most dystopian of scenarios. Commissioned to add their big-room-ready spin to Mescalinum United's time-proof ripper 'The 2nd Coming', Italian outfit 999999999 (read NineTimesNine) unleash a fierce whirlwind of 303-brined pyrotechnics, light-fast machine-talk and breakneck old-school dynamics. The result is a brain-melting slice of hardcore techno tailored for extensive jump-around workouts. If some artists have a hard time staying relevant as decades succeed, this is further evidence that Acardipane's sound retains the untamed, fiery brilliance it had back in the day, when it revealed to a whole generation of young ravers a world they could never have dreamt about. Pressed on 180g audiophile quality vinyl, and clad in a pristine, silver metal package to please your eyes and ears in equal measure.

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL013 remind