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Unknown - Seldom Felt 6


Seldom Felt 6

Seldom Felt bring the euphoria like no other, with two more unknown Techno killers just in time for the long hot nights.

12inch Seldom Felt: Seldom006 remind

Unknown - Seldom Felt 5


Seldom Felt 5

Seldom Felt are injecting the fun back into Techno with this epic remix of a dearly departed Disco diva. Limited edition and one sided.

12inch Seldom Felt: Seldom005 remind

Unknown - Seldom Felt 4


Seldom Felt 4

Two more intense and percussive tracks from one of the best techno producers of the moment who of course remains nameless here on Seldom Felt. Long, b... more...

12inch Seldom Felt: Seldom004 remind

Unknown - Seldom Felt 3


Seldom Felt 3

Seldom Felt let loose two new transmissions from their global techno bunker. As ever they won't disclose the artist names, you may know who they are o... more...

12inch Seldom Felt: Seldom003 remind

Seldom Felt - Catscan

Seldom Felt


Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) we still have no info on Seldom Felt. Allegedly a secretive crew of producers trapped in the darkness of the da... more...

12inch Seldom Felt: Seldom002 remind

V/A - Seldom Felt 1


Seldom Felt 1

Seldom Felt is a brand new label from the UK. The label wants to operate anonymous and presses only 500 copies. First release is some raw jacking tech... more...

12inch Seldom Felt: Seldom001 remind