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Bnjmn - Skur ep


Skur ep

Dutch powerhouse Creme Organization started a brand new label entitled Jericho One. The man behind the first EP is Berlin based Brit BNJMN, who has re... more...

12inch Jericho One: J101 € 8,99

Noface - Warrior Charge


Warrior Charge

After a first EP from BNJMN, new Creme Organization label off shoot Jericho now serves up a second release, this time from NOFACE. This is a moniker o... more...

12inch Jericho One: J102 € 8,99

House Of Black Lanterns - Leather Jacket Love Stories

House Of Black Lanterns

Leather Jacket Love Stories

Completing a brand new trio of EPs, fledgling Creme Organization off shoot Jericho now looks to HoBl for four fresh tracks. HoBl is a Houndstooth rela... more...

12inch Jericho One: J103 € 8,99

Ebony vs 'R' - Real Truth

Ebony vs 'R'

Real Truth

Jericho One, the Creme Organization off shoot, is back with a new EP from Ebony vs 'R' entitled Real Truth. It features three cuts in all, one by Ebon... more...

12inch Jericho One: J104 € 9,49

Ken Finger - Thanks For Those

Ken Finger

Thanks For Those

Jericho One is kicking off 2017 with this new 12" from artist Ken Finger, a collaboration between Mickey Pearce (Swamp 81) and Brackles. It features f... more...

12inch Jericho One: J106 € 10,49