Ken Finger

Thanks For Those

Ken Finger - Thanks For Those

Jericho One is kicking off 2017 with this new 12" from artist Ken Finger, a collaboration between Mickey Pearce (Swamp 81) and Brackles. It features four tracks and again marks out this Creme Organization off shoot as a no-nonsense house label that is full of surprises. Thanks For Those is a stop start brew of echoing cowbells, pitched up vocals and warped synths that are tied to a busted beat. It sounds like little else and is sure to kick start any party. Bury the Beds is a harder affair, with blasted drums and sci-fi electronics, whirring machine sounds and uncontrolled snares and hits all slapping you about the face. On the flip, Tongues Under A Hammer slows the tempo. Scattered claps, alien lifeforms and sub heavy bass all do a slow and unpredictable dance and you will do the same. Last of all, From Telly to Belly plays with muffled vocals, drilling bass screws and metallic hits and sounds like an underground trap tune reimagined for freaky dance floors. This is a hard to categorise EP that is full of fascinating twists and turns.

12inch Jericho One: J106 € 10,49