Warrior Charge

Noface - Warrior Charge

After a first EP from BNJMN, new Creme Organization label off shoot Jericho now serves up a second release, this time from NOFACE. This is a moniker of Mella Dee, a producer who in the last few years has released rough house tracks on labels like Shabby Doll, Omena and Manucci's Misstress. Here he offers three new pieces that show a passion for high energy, lo-fi tracks with inventive grooves. 'Saturate' is littered with old school signifiers but is essential a brutal, high power techno banger with immovable kick drums, slithering percussive patterns and fiery vocal ad libs that imbue the track with a sense of afro-futurism. 'Polar' is a similarly physical track with massive, monstrous kicks, reverberating synth lines and a barreling sense of groove that washes over you like a braking wave. Finally, 'Warrior Charge' is another physical and functional cut with robust drums, oversized hi hats and woodpecker like hook that demands you stomp and head bang from start to finish.

12inch Jericho One: J102 € 8,99