DJ Boring & Stanley Schmidt - Vienna001

DJ Boring & Stanley Schmidt


DJ Boring and Stanley Schmidt launch new label ‘Vienna’ with their collaborative EP - Vienna001. A new place for their friends and like minded artists... more...

12inch Vienna: Vienna001 remind

Rian Treanor - A Rational Tangle

Rian Treanor

A Rational Tangle

Northern UK-based artist Rian Treanor re-imagines the intersection of club culture, experimental art and computer music with a super smart debut for T... more...

12inch The Death Of Rave: Rave012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

OIWA - Rave Racing Top Hits Vol.1


Rave Racing Top Hits Vol.1

OIWA - the new subdivision of Aiwo rec. presents Rave Racing Top Hits Vol. 1 - a various Rave Race selection of Oldschool Electro-Hiphop Crossover / B... more...

12inch Aiwo Records: OIWA001 remind

Persuasion - Quatermas Ep


Quatermas Ep

Lush and smooth driving techno tracks on Black Opal! Recommended!

12inch Black Opal: BOP014 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Noah Gibson - Krasch 1

Noah Gibson

Krasch 1

Noah Gibsonfrom Sweden delivers some fresh killer Techno on his own imprint Krasch.

12inch Krasch Records: Krasch001 remind

Sonar Base - Dark Matter

Sonar Base

Dark Matter

After the sublime triple 12" re-issue of the 'Sonar Bases 4-10' album on Deeptrax Records, it's now time for the second installment in the Sonar Base... more...

Mini-LP Deeptrax: DPTX012 remind

Various Artists - Deep Series 1

Various Artists

Deep Series 1

Deeptrax proudly present the first various artists sampler on Deeptrax Records called Deep Series 1. After receiving demos from artists all over the w... more...

Mini-LP Deeptrax: DPTRX1.1 remind

Chaotic Reality - CHREAL01

Chaotic Reality


'CHREAL01' is the debut project by Scottish producer Chaotic Reality exploring a meditative side to techno. Written over the course of several months... more...

12inch Unknown: CHREAL001 remind

Detroit Electronic Quarterly - Volume 11 and 12

Detroit Electronic Quarterly

Volume 11 and 12

Detroit Electronic Quarterly (DEQ) Music Magazine Issues 11 & 12 (double issue) has arrived! 80 beautifully designed 8X8 pages, full color, perfect bo... more...

LP + Booklet Detroit Electronic Quarterly: DEQ11/12 remind

La Contra Ola - Synth Wave And Post Punk From Spain 1980-86

La Contra Ola

Synth Wave And Post Punk From Spain 1980-86

This is a blast — a tremendously entertaining survey, centred in the Basque country, uproariously mangling together everything from Suicide to dub,... more...

12inch Bongo Joe Records: BJR015 remind

Bill Westerby - KL02

Bill Westerby


Second release of five in the Kavalanic Languages series - three nautical house tracks by Bill Westerby.

12inch Kavalanic Languages: KL02 remind

Panama Keys - Vyrgin Island (Joe Clausell's Harvest Mix)
12inch Uzuri: Uzuri026 remind

Theo Parrish - Preacher’s Coming / Gullah Geechee

Theo Parrish

Preacher’s Coming / Gullah Geechee

A1 Preacher’s Coming Written and Produced by Theo Parrish B1 Gullah Geechee B2 Gullah Geechee (Original) Gullah Geechee Personnel: Jovia Armstrong, Ke... more...

12inch Sound Signature: SS071 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pablo R. Ruiz - Bad Hombre

Pablo R. Ruiz

Bad Hombre

Pablo R. Ruiz was born in Chile and moved to southwest Detroit in 1999. He played drums in various hardcore punk bands throughout high school. DEMF an... more...

12inch Portage Garage Sounds: PGS004 remind

A-Eno-Acid - Tank Jack


Tank Jack

After putting 1990s record label Emote to bed and a 17 year break from making music Mark Churcher has now knocked out 2 rasping acid house discs withi... more...

12inch Chicago Bee Records: CB1988-02 remind

Abacus - Basic Amounts


Basic Amounts

The second release on JAMES DUNCAN's INNERMOODS label is from the legendary ABACUS (of PRESCRIPTION and GUIDANCE fame). ''BASIC AMOUNTS'' is a hypnoti... more...

One sided 12 Innermoods: IM-002 remind

Oall Hates - Emotional

Oall Hates


f Paradise kick 2018 off in style with 'Emotional', a thunderous debut EP from Austrian producer, Oall Hates. Packed with four rip roaring house and t... more...

12inch Of Paradise: OP007 remind

Poly Sone - Exit Flesh EP

Poly Sone

Exit Flesh EP

The new release by POLY SONE on FRIENDSHIP & DECADENCE is an introspective trip with a bouncy, dubby flair that sets the scene with gritty synths and... more...

12inch Friendship and Decadence: FND003 remind

Galcher Lustwerk - Dark Bliss LP

Galcher Lustwerk

Dark Bliss LP

Dark Bliss is the debut LP from Galcher Lustwerk. Deep and sultry house topped off with lush baritone vocals. more...

2x12inch White Material: WM010 remind

Love Company - Love Tempo

Love Company

Love Tempo

Should not need any introduction to deep disco heads, huge spin for red Greg, Floating Points, Jeremy underground etc.. Love Tempo is this years bange... more...

7inch Athens Of The North: ATH061 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Gerhard Heinz - Graf Dracula Beisst Jetzt in Oberbayern / Dracula Blows His Cool (Soundtrack, 1979)

Gerhard Heinz

Graf Dracula Beisst Jetzt in Oberbayern / Dracula Blows His Cool (Soundtrack, 1979)

Graf Dracula own's a castle in Bavaria which is highly frequented by German Playmates & models. The reason seems so be his castle discotheque ''Drop I... more...

LP Private Records: VAG08 remind

DJ Booth - Basic Moves 004

DJ Booth

Basic Moves 004

After a first appearance on Casa Voyager, DJ Booth aka OCB is back on Basic Moves with a classy 2-tracker, exploring his modern take on electro with s... more...

12inch Basic Moves: BM004 remind

Jordan Fields - 17th Level

Jordan Fields

17th Level

Chicago DJ/producer Jordan Fields who has been making underground house music since 90's. A1: “17th Level” is synth driven deep house that makes the f... more...

12inch Daily Session: DSR015 remind

Gian - LACK 015


LACK 015

Gian strikes back all the way from Reutlingen to Neukolln with a three track EP bound to hit you hard! Pairing his signature Electrofunk beats with gn... more...

EP Lackrec: Lack015 remind

Emmanuel Top - Armaguedon / Rubycon

Emmanuel Top

Armaguedon / Rubycon

2 Emmanuel Top acid classics re-mastered! Includes one of our secret weapons ''Armaguedon'' which will be pressed to vinyl for the very first time!

12inch Oblique Music: OBQLTD001 remind

Nocow - Zemlya



Zemlya (earth), the final installment of Nocow‘s three-part EP-series for Figure unearths the artist‘s maybe most drastic work to date. While opener L... more...

12inch Figure: Figure094.3 remind

Nocow - Voda



Voda (water) the second part of his trilogy sees Aleksei Nikitin delving deep into Baltic seas. coming up again with chilled flows of acid on Vdaleke,... more...

12inch Figure: Figure094.2 remind

Nocow - Vozduh



Vozduh (air) marks the first in a series of EPs by Nocow for Figure, showcasing his emerging signature-style of Electronica-tinged techno. Drawing ins... more...

12inch Figure: Figure094.1 remind

Haz Mat - Haz Mat

Haz Mat

Haz Mat

Nice smooth house tracks on the People of earth label.

12inch People of Earth: Poem007 remind

Hutton Drive - OSB

Hutton Drive


Scotland's number one label present their stunning first release, remastered for 2018. Title track ''OSB'' has lit up many a dance floor down the year... more...

12inch Seventh Sign Recordings: 7SR001r remind

The Dub Syndicate - The Pounding System (Ambience In Dub)

The Dub Syndicate

The Pounding System (Ambience In Dub)

Re-cut at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin and housed inside a reverse board sleeve. Includes download card with bonus track and sleevenotes by Steve B... more...

LP On-U Sound: ONULP18 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Q'D - Pure Amethyst


Pure Amethyst

Wild Oats presents the debut release entitled “Pure Amethyst” from Caron Miller aka Q’uran D’Mar aka Q’D’ from Detroit.

12inch Wild Oats: WO-QD01 remind

The Traxxmen -

The Traxxmen

Super heavyweight Chicago heat from 1994 on Steve Poindexter's Muzique label! This one's only for the headstrong, hard, jacking, minimal and raw. Pur... more...

12inch Muzique Records: MR111 remind

Andrew Soul ft Robert Owens - Slipping Into Darkness Ep

Andrew Soul ft Robert Owens

Slipping Into Darkness Ep

''Vibraphone Records continues to deepen its contemporary repertoire by inviting Andrew Soul into the fold with a vocal contribution from house music... more...

12inch Vibraphone: Vibr013 remind

2814 - Pillar / New Sun


Pillar / New Sun

Warp's Arcola label with a new modern take on techno. Each track reaches the ten-minute mark with a rolling 4x4 kick and a downpour of razor-sharp... more...

12inch Arcola: Arc012 remind

Mike Dehnert - Brennweite EP

Mike Dehnert

Brennweite EP

New Mike Dehnert!!!

12inch Fachwerk: FW041 remind

Crossing Avenue - Avantieri EP

Crossing Avenue

Avantieri EP

A year after their debut on the label, Crossing Avenue return with five more sublime techno tracks on Spazio Disponibile. That first EP remains the on... more...

12inch Spazio Disponibile: Spazio012 remind

Unknown Artist - A Conga Saved My Life

Unknown Artist

A Conga Saved My Life

These four edits are imbuing you with uplifting and lovely vibes but also a fragrant and sensuous melancholy. A looking back to old times and its opti... more...

12inch Piano Music: Piano02 remind

Gemini - The Beginning


The Beginning

Originally released on Relief Records, the Chicago techno label headed up by Cajmere, these releases were Gemini’s introduction into the worlds of hou... more...

4x12inch Another Day: 007AD remind

Hiroshi Watanabe - Threshold of Eternity

Hiroshi Watanabe

Threshold of Eternity

Hiroshi Watanabe does not hold back on Threshold of Eternity EP. The Leonids Strings is a deeply emotional and delicate string arrangement that leaves... more...

12inch Transmat: MS090 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L




Following up on the earlier Paling Trax adventures, TAFKAMP kicks off his Revenge Techniques imprint with a diverse techno 4-tracker. Highly essential... more...

12inch Revenge Techniques: REVENGE1 remind

Plant43 - Edge Of The Wood
12inch Eudemonia: Eudemonia001 remind