Paul Johnson - Chante Afrique

Paul Johnson

Chante Afrique

Sensual and primitive, Chante Afrique Ep is perfectly encloses the most acid house digressions and its deepest roots. A work that well combines past,... more...

12inch Nice To Be: N2B005 remind

Oceans - 11 Inches
12inch Hardworksoftdrink: HWSD012 remind

RNXRX - Ninja Scroll


Ninja Scroll

25 years later, the legend of Drexciya still lives on, and a clear example is this new EP by the young RNXRX. While the title of the second song is... more...

12inch Struments: MusaStr001 remind

Aiken - Basic Principles


Basic Principles

Spanish techno artist Aiken is back on his own Timeline label with another EP that offers up four more of his evocative takes on the genre. It comes a... more...

12inch Timeline: TL004 remind

Hieroglyphic Being - The Language of Strings
2x12inch Mathematics: Math105 remind

Various Artists - Sounds From The Emotional Underground

Various Artists

Sounds From The Emotional Underground

Emotions Electric with the first Various EP for the label. Strong quality selection of deep soulful Detroit influenced techno tracks from some of the... more...

12inch Emotions Electric: EE0004 remind

Omar S - Thats Me

Omar S

Thats Me

New single sided AOS heat from Omar S. Must have for fans of 'Day' from the original AOS004.

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-AOS004-1/2 remind

Hugh B - Floating On A Trippy Biscuit

Hugh B

Floating On A Trippy Biscuit

Following on from OTIS002 Jon & Hugh - Another view, one half of the production duo and OTIS label boss Hugh B steps out on his own for OTIS003. Float... more...

12inch Outer Time Inner Space: OTIS003 remind

Alton Miller - All The Little Things

Alton Miller

All The Little Things

Sistrum proudly welcomes house music legend Alton Miller to the fold for release number thirty three. For “All The Little Things,” Alton lays it down... more...

12inch Sistrum: SISAMILLER remind

Air Max 97 - Nacre

Air Max 97


Rugged and lustrous, Nacre is Air Max ‘97’s first full-length release. Written between Melbourne and Berlin and mixed in Mexico City, the album bears... more...

LP Decisions: Decisions10 remind

Midnight Tenderness - Refresco EP

Midnight Tenderness

Refresco EP

Still steamin’ from his Turner Street Sound collaboration, Midnight Tenderness serves up a dreamy first solo offering with a fire-cracker of a four-tr... more...

12inch Ken Oath Records: KEN005 remind

Ewan Jansen / Trinadian deep - Various vol.1

Ewan Jansen / Trinadian deep

Various vol.1

Debut release from the Australian label. Immersed in raw & soulful music, Chubby has spent years hosting events. Ewan Jansen comes with a striking, me... more...

12inch Chubby: Chub001 remind

Mihail P - Multiverse Ep

Mihail P

Multiverse Ep

Mihail P (Seventh Sign, Verdant Recordings) steps up for the third release on Distant Worlds. 4 tracks of 90s-indebted soulful, emotive, reverb soaked... more...

12inch Distant Worlds: DWT003 remind

King Sporty & The Ex Tras - Rock Attack

King Sporty & The Ex Tras

Rock Attack

The King Sporty reissue series continues with the lesser known, but no less worthy, Rock Attack. This first time release of the song under the King Sp... more...

12inch Emotional Rescue: ERC059 remind

O Yuki Conjugate - Untitled

O Yuki Conjugate


motional Rescue delves deep in to the past with the release of the first ever recordings by UK post-industrial, ambient pioneers O Yuki Conjugate (OYC... more...

EP Emotional Rescue: ERC051 remind

Zodiac Free Arts Club - Structures + Codes

Zodiac Free Arts Club

Structures + Codes

"Constantin Xenakis work possesses exactly what I really love about intelligent electronic music. It's stylishly repetitive, coded, mechanical but, at... more...

Mini-LP HVNX: HVNX-600 remind

DJ Senior Vasquez - No More Drama

DJ Senior Vasquez

No More Drama

Pioneer of the Portuguese underground Photonz AKA DJ Senior Vasquez delivers the first artist EP for Paraiso full of driving house workouts.

12inch Paraiso: Paraiso004 remind

WCC - Heroic Purgatory


Heroic Purgatory

RDK Island return with their second record. This time, as the cover suggests, it gets darker and more enigmatic. WCC’s debut ”Heroic Purgatory deliver... more...

12inch RDK Island: RDK002 remind

Ersatz Olfolks - Boundaries

Ersatz Olfolks


Bristol based Tutamen come through with some clinical machine driven techno from France's Ersatz Olfolks.

12inch Tutamen: TUT004 remind

Leon Vynehall - Nothing Is Still

Leon Vynehall

Nothing Is Still

Following on from 2 critically acclaimed double EPs in Music For The Uninvited & Rojus, Leon presents his first album proper, expanding on his already... more...

LP + MP3 Ninja Tune: ZEN249 / 5054429132038 remind

Pacific Coliseum - Ocean City

Pacific Coliseum

Ocean City

Pacific Coliseum's Ocean City finally lands on vinyl. Perfectly relaxed house vibes to kickstart the summer.

12inch Coastal Haze: HAZE006 remind

R.B / TBZ - Coozie / Mad Sick
7inch Unknown: R=A+7=2 remind

Delta Funktionen - Space Race EP

Delta Funktionen

Space Race EP

*** drifting flesh doorways attack electric afternoons silver flying scanning patterns metal satellites ***

12inch Mord: MORD050 remind

Kufuki - Dodome EP (Japan Blues remix)


Dodome EP (Japan Blues remix)

Les Editions Japonais, is a new label to showcase Japanese artists new and old, the first release is by Tokyo based band Kufuki. Kufuki, was formed... more...

12inch Les Editions Japonais: LEJ001EP remind

Various Artists - Bassiani 005

Various Artists

Bassiani 005

In the 5th installment of our various EP series, we continue our journey through both international and Georgian soundscapes. Put the needle on the A... more...

12inch Bassiani: BAS005 remind

Disk - 04



Ukranian minimalistic bits

12inch Unknown: BLACKLOOPS4 remind

D. Carbone - C.M.S. Remixes

D. Carbone

C.M.S. Remixes

Hefty remix package of 'Carbone Master System' LP pressed on gold-coloured vinyl. Veterans and contemporary artists such as AnD, Ascion, CJ Bolland, H... more...

12inch Carbone Records: CRBN003 remind

Various Artists - Mechatronica White 1

Various Artists

Mechatronica White 1

Mechatronica launches their new White series, dedicated to limited edition white label records across synth, wave, EBM and italo with a VA release fea... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRONW001 remind

Tony Cook & The Party People - On The Floor

Tony Cook & The Party People

On The Floor

Tony Cook & The Party People's ''On The Floor (Rock It)'' a bonafide classic at Paradise Garage as well as a Hot Mix 5 WBMX jam! This legit reissue wa... more...

12inch 12INCH: 12INCH001 remind

Wata Igarashi - Question & Answers EP

Wata Igarashi

Question & Answers EP

This mind-bending “Question and Answer EP”, his second release on The Bunker New York. Igarashi is a lifelong musician and a professional sound design... more...

12inch The Bunker New York: BK029 remind

Randomer - Slicing



UK DJ and producer Rohan Walder, a.k.a. Randomer furthers his exploration into deep, spatial techno on Dekmantel’s UFO imprint. Fusing together two-st... more...

12inch Dekmantel: DKMNTL-UFO5 remind

Various Artists - Transmission One

Various Artists

Transmission One

A blend of Dub, Ambient, Downtempo, Boogie and Proto House with a focus on music never before released on Vinyl, sought after out of print titles and... more...

12inch Isle Of Jura: ISLELP003 remind

Nexda - Words & Numbers


Words & Numbers

Mannequin, Emotional Rescue and Blowpipe come together to release the music of Dutch post-punk, industrial outsiders Nexda, by releasing a collection... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ097 remind

K100 Signal - Following / Implosion

K100 Signal

Following / Implosion

Two dark, adventurous and intense mid tempo mind benders by the mysterious producer K100 SIGNAL.

12inch Echovolt: EVR026 remind