Vorm Variaties 2 - Alden Tyrell

Alden Tyrell’s “Vorm Variations 2” hitting the stores next week.

Part two in Alden Tyrell’s latest project: ”Vorm Variaties”, a 5 release series consisting of tracks recorded in the last 2 years. The ”Vorm Variaties” tracks were a ”Style Excercise” for Tyrell, flexing his producermuscle while health issues forced him to stop touring. Initially he had no intention to release these tracks but we thought they were so good that we were almost forced to start this series. All tracks selected are variations on classic techno forms, using classic style ingredients and the 909. All 5 ”Variaties” are different in style, yet all homogenous, all with Alden Tyrell’s sound signature… on point production skills and stripped down arrangements.

Listen to “Sherman Paradox” and “Angular” right here:

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