Fingers Inc. – Another Side Re-issued on Alleviated Records

More then 25 years after original release the album that became the blue print for Deep House gets a deserved re-issue on Mr. Fingers own Alleviated Records.

Detroit’s Brendan Gillen had an interview with Larry Heard, Ron Wilson and Robert Owens on their Pioneering album. Great read on the backgrounds of this amazing and timeless piece of house history.
Larry Heard and Fingers Inc. on the Story of a House Classic

Fingers Inc – Another Side @

Another Side Inside Cover
Another Side Inside Cover

And some more thoughts on the re-issue from Hardwax stalwart Finn Johannsen.
Larry Heard’s “Another Side” LP Is Historic House Music

More Electronix!! Clarence G, Colundi, Zwischenwelt


To fulfill our personal need for good non conformistic electronic music we are supporting the new Colundi movement!
A small Lowlands tour will start tomorrow night (Oct22 at Transport, Rotterdam, followed by Antwerpen (Ampere Club), Amsterdam (Cruquius Gilde) and the final evening in Nijmegen, Doornroosjes with a a large selection of fine artists, most known for their collaborations with Rephlex records (that needs no further intoduction ;-)
Its a rather small and below the surface kinda thing but we feel this is whats missing in these days of calculated line-ups and social media pressure. Big up to these 4 venues hosting these nights for a handful of headz gathering together to enjoy the music of Aleksi Perala, Wisp, Jodey Kendricks, Soundmurderer, Krzysztof Oktalskiover and Dj Rephlex records!!
A special vinyl release will be available with first buying option for everyone attending the event, remaining stock will be sold online.
Colundi everyOne eventpage

Talking about electronix…. :-) We are happy to announce to have 2 new releases coming on the Clone Aqualung Series.
Two re-releases on the Clone Aqualung Series… the most anticipated Clarence G and the beautiful Zwischenwelt album! Both expected towards end of the year!

Clone Label night at Amsterdam Dance Event.

Oktober 17th we host our yearly label night during Amsterdam Dance Event.
This is the first year we’re located at Studio80 after 3 succesful editions at TrouwAmsterdam.

We got room 1 with Dj Stingray, John Heckle, Space Dimension Controller, Serge, Gustav Goodstuff and Vin Sol!

Room 2 is for the house heads with Mike Dunn, Scott Grooves, Gerd and Ranie D’Ribeiro.

Long opening hours, so when other clubs are closing… we’ll go on till 10.00 am or maybe even a bit longer…
Earlybird tickets are sold out, but still tickets available HERE!

Clone ADE 2015

Good vibes at our openings night!!!

Proper good vibes last night at the openings drink of our new store location! Great to see so many new faces that we’ll get to know better in the coming time while sharing our mutual love (and different characters & backgrounds), all the good old familliar faces, friends, family, buddies and colleagues!
Big big thanks for the love and support!!!

Ps. an important equal big up for everyone that couldnt make it due to circumstances! Its about our minds and hearts, its not a local thing despite the fact that the corpus needs a physical location ;-)

Pps. Next week we’ve got a little instore session with John Talabot and Axel Boman as warm up for their night with the MODULAR MUSIC guys, obviously there is limited space, but maybe nice to drop by for our first instore session!

Our store will be close August 16th, 17th & probably 18th!

Due to our move to our new store at Raampoortstraat 12, 3032 AH Rotterdam, the physical store will be closed on Sunday August 16 and monday the 17th and most likely also Tuesday August 18.
The web shop will remain open during these days, but excpect a little delay in handling/shipping.
Obviously the old store will be closed from Sunday on and we are happy to welcome you at the new location!
Exciting times and see you all soon in our new store!

The Clone Record Store / is moving to a new location!

The Clone Record Store/ is moving to a new location.
By the end of August (2015) we’ll be opening in a new store location in Rotterdam.
Since opening a store 20 years ago, and being located for more then 15 years at the Mauritsweg 60 its time for something new, something fresh. The coming weeks are the last weeks you can visit us in our old shop. Not exactly sure when we’ll open up in the new location, but thats most likely early/mid August.
At this moment we’re hard at work to get everything ready for the many records we’ve got the move. We’ll do some stock sales in the last weeks to avoid high medical bills of the guys with a sore back after the move, so keep an eye on this space for further announcements!! ;-)
Oh btw… the new store will be located on same walking distance from the central station as our current store… so no jumping through hoops to reach us… We’ll be located close to the new Transport club and Bird. Exact address info and moving date will follow soon!

Untill then… we’ll be happy to welcome you for (a last?) visit at the Mauritsweg!