The Colundi Sequence vol. 1 makes the top RA compilations top ten.

Always nice to make to the lists but in Aleksi’s case very much deservedly so!

Nr 8 spot for the Colundi Sequence vol. 1
RA’s compilation top ten 2016
For those who didn’t…, go check what Colundi is all about:
Vinyl 3×12″ or CD

Congrats to our buddy A Made Up Sound on the nr 1 spot too!!!
Check the A Made Up Sound – AMS000CD here

More Electronix!! Clarence G, Colundi, Zwischenwelt


To fulfill our personal need for good non conformistic electronic music we are supporting the new Colundi movement!
A small Lowlands tour will start tomorrow night (Oct22 at Transport, Rotterdam, followed by Antwerpen (Ampere Club), Amsterdam (Cruquius Gilde) and the final evening in Nijmegen, Doornroosjes with a a large selection of fine artists, most known for their collaborations with Rephlex records (that needs no further intoduction ;-)
Its a rather small and below the surface kinda thing but we feel this is whats missing in these days of calculated line-ups and social media pressure. Big up to these 4 venues hosting these nights for a handful of headz gathering together to enjoy the music of Aleksi Perala, Wisp, Jodey Kendricks, Soundmurderer, Krzysztof Oktalskiover and Dj Rephlex records!!
A special vinyl release will be available with first buying option for everyone attending the event, remaining stock will be sold online.
Colundi everyOne eventpage

Talking about electronix…. :-) We are happy to announce to have 2 new releases coming on the Clone Aqualung Series.
Two re-releases on the Clone Aqualung Series… the most anticipated Clarence G and the beautiful Zwischenwelt album! Both expected towards end of the year!