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Clone Records celebrates its 25 year anniversary with The Return of The Future Tour

Today Clone Records presents the full program of The Return of The Future Tour in order of the 25 year anniversary of the Rotterdam based record label. The tour will kick-off in hometown harbour city at BAR on February the 24th with Deejay Hermit, Gerd, John Heckle, Legowelt (DJ set), Project Pablo, Space Dimension Controller and the label’s founding father, Serge. In March and April 17 shows will follow at the label’s favorite European clubs. The birthday events will take place at Panorama Bar, Oval Space, Le Sucre, FUSE, Shelter, PAL, Iboat, Nitsa, Under Bron, Kaiku, Doornroosje, OOST, Rote Sonne, PIP, Sub Club, Hope Works and Plano B. Covering a wide selection of Clone Records related artists the tour will showcase the diversity of the electronic music label and all its sub labels.

Clone # 1
Clone # 1 – Coördinated Sounds & Sequences
Clone Records was founded by Serge Verschuur at the end of 1992. The Dutch DJ and producer experienced the 80’s as a period in which a generation was anxiously looking forward for what was to come next. The new millennium was on everyone’s mind, for some with fear, for some with eagerness. All of a sudden the music from the future, made by unknown bedroom producers expressing themselves through machines, had arrived. This futuristic music connected like-minded people all over the world and initiated an evolution in the world of electronic music. It inspired Serge to start his own imprint as an outlet for that same machine music. The first Clone Records release by Dutch techno group Orx was a fact in late 1992.

In the next decades a new generation was setting the pace. A minority of Techno- and House music lovers had grown into an established movement. The future was no future anymore; it had become the present and therefore it seemed less exciting. People started looking at the past again to relive the early days of electronic dance music. In the meantime the small Clone operation had transformed into a successful record label with a record store and distributor as a solid side business. Now, 25 years later, Clone Records is still doing business its own way, releasing music that excites the men you never see. With a heart for the classic and an ear for the new, the label is looking at the future again. Clone Records invites everyone to The Return of The Future tour.

Return of the Future dates

Friday, 24th February
Serge, Deejay Hermit, Gerd, John Heckle, Legowelt (DJ set), Project Pablo, Space Dimension Controller @ BAR – Rotterdam, NL

Saturday, 25th February
Serge, Antenna, Conforce, Gerd, Legowelt @ FUSE – Brussels, BE

Saturday, 4th March
Serge, Alden Tyrell @ Sub Club – Glasgow, UK

Friday, 10th March
Serge, Duplex, Gerd, Project Pablo @ Panorama Bar – Berlin, DE

Saturday, 11th March
Serge, Intergalactic Gary, Ovatow, Steve Motto @ PIP – Den Haag, NL

Friday, 17th March
Serge, Gerd, Legowelt @ Le Sucre – Lyon, FR

Saturday, 18th March
Serge, A Made Up Sound, Gerd @ Iboat – Bordeaux, FR

Friday, 24th March
Serge, D-Ribeiro, Gerd, Intergalactic Gary @ PAL – Hamburg, DE

Saturday, 25th March
Serge, Dexter @ Rote Sonne – Munich, DE

Friday, 31st March
Serge, Arpanet, Gustav Goodstuff, Intergalactic Gary, Zadig @ Shelter – Amsterdam, NL

Saturday, 1st April
Serge, Alden Tyrell, I-F @ Nitsa Club – Barcelona, ES

Friday, 7th April
Serge, Legowelt, Mike Servito @ Under Bron – Stockholm, SE

Saturday, 8th April
Serge, Gerd @ Kaiku – Helsinki, FI

Thursday, 13th April
Serge, Gerd, Gustav Goodstuff, Legowelt, Randomer, Steve Motto @ Doornroosje – Nijmegen, NL

Friday, 14th April
Serge, Gerd @ OOST – Groningen, NL

Friday, 21st April
Serge, Gerd @ Plano B – Porto, PO

Friday, 21st april
Legowelt (DJ-set), Randomer @ Hope Works – Sheffield, UK

Saturday 22nd April
Serge, I-F, Legowelt, Secret artist @ Oval Space – London, UK