Clone Store Selection December 1996

Couple weeks ago an old buddy emailed me… “Serge… I digitalized some old mixes you did back in the days… you interested in the files? They’re pretty cool! One has written ‘Clone Store selection December 1996’ on it”. Dude of course!!

Recorded in the very first Clone store location, the old Urban Unit skatestore garage… 23 years ago. While my neightbours of Midtown records were selling shit and shit loads of gabber (which was at its peak and total mainstream in 1996), I was selling records to the freaks and recording mixes like this in the quiet hours in the shop.

The only Pioneer equipment used was the headphone, the classic SE450… mixed on a crappy Realistic mixer…..the tape had some glitches as it’s probably a copy, or a copy of a copy, as the reach of such a mix was probably about 10 friends who all copied from each other… Funny when you realize how easy is it to reach 1000’s via Soundcloud and Youtube these days, while back then you only made these mix tapes for a couple buddies… :-)

I can use some help with track id’s as I barely remember 4 of them… time screws up your memory 😂
(Goosebump alert at 55.30 minutes!!)