Planet FMDX 2

Gerd – Planet FMDX part 2

Yamaha DX100
For insiders it’s no secret that the Yamaha DX synths played an important role in the history of techno and house. With the, at the time, new FM synthesis technology it was the gritty sounding budget version DX100 that made it into the bedroom studios of early techno producers. From one of the biggest techno hits; Rhythim is Rhythim’s Nude Photo to almost all of Lil Louis’ early catalog and lot of early 90’s UK techno such as Autechre, b12, Orbital and many, many others. And although that little black keyboard seems limited on the surface it’s still a favourite among producers for the vast array of sounds you can coax from it.

Gerd, who is no stranger to the history of house and techno, as both record collector and producer (Gerd was after Speedy J the second european techno producer to release on a Detroit techno label in the early 90’s), wanted to express his love for the magic Yamaha DX synth with a little tribute release… Planet F.M.D.X. part 1 and part 2.

Two versatile ep with tracks ranging from the beautiful melancholic Black Moon Voyage to fierce grooving Slam Jam. Where Part 1 rapidly sold out last year we’re happy to present you Planet FMDX part 2 on Clone Royal Oak.

Check out Slam Jam in full:

Planet F.M.D.X. part 2 will be available may from Clone Records.