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3000 Magazine - CD Magazine issue #1

3000 Magazine

CD Magazine issue #1

The Source for Innercity Technology, Music and Culture.. Interview with Mr. De + Jeff Mills, James Pennington, Lauret Garnier and Hi-Tech Funk..

DVD 3000 Magazine: 3000 Magazine #1 € 3,99

8 bit rockers - 8 bit rockers 2

8 bit rockers

8 bit rockers 2

10 mysterious tracks, dark sinister arctic snowscooter electro-funk from the ice-cold eternal finnish polar night, lux ex obscuritas! Fresh re-press... more...

EP Bunker: B3018 € 10,99

95 North - Let Yourself Go

95 North

Let Yourself Go

Doug Smith and Richard Payton, aka 95 North, are a house music production duo from Washington DC very well known from all the 90's house music lovers.... more...

12inch Groovin Records: GR1220 € 13,99

A Credible Eye Witness - Episode 10-11

A Credible Eye Witness

Episode 10-11

Originally recorded in Rome at ACEW STUDIOS, January 1999...Limited edition remastered!

12inch Acew: Acew003 € 11,99

A Credible Eye Witness - Sonic Wall

A Credible Eye Witness

Sonic Wall

The return of Rome based ACEW label with 2 tracks involved in minimalist, electro with an IDM touch. Vocals from Carl Finlow.

12inch Acew: Acew005 € 13,99

A. Stantz - Hangvar

A. Stantz


Proof of value through his Peel MD moniker, in trouble up with Tomrum, on fine imprints such as Borft and Nerike Primate, A. Stanz took a solo run for... more...

12inch Rotterdam Electronix: RET003 € 9,99

Ackie / Chesse Roots - Call Me Rambo / Rambo Gun Salute

Ackie / Chesse Roots

Call Me Rambo / Rambo Gun Salute

Recorded in 1986 and released on the Heavyweight label.. Legendary reggae/dub tune.. Now re-released on this Basic Channel sub imprint..

12inch Basic Replay: BRHW003(42845) € 9,99

Actress - Splazsh



Actress with his new album... called Splazsh! Great raw sincere electronica on the lovely Honest Jon label. One of those new artists doing raw and edg... more...

2x12inch Honest Jons: HJRLP049 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Actress - R.I.P.



South London producer Darren Cunningham's new album, R.I.P, underlines Actress’s reputation as one of the most eloquent voices to emerge from the sub-... more...

2LP Honest Jons: HJRLP060 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Adapta - Vohx Continues


Vohx Continues

The phrase "Fire in the hole!!" is used as a warning that an explosive detonation in a confined space is imminent. Just so you know...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR038 € 9,99

Adriani & Ventura / State Of Art - Changing / Venice (Remix)

Adriani & Ventura / State Of Art

Changing / Venice (Remix)

Two generations of Italian music history come together on this split 7inch. Milan meets Rome, Fred Ventura meets Alessandro Adriani. For this occasion... more...

7inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP060 € 10,99

Affie Yusuf - Spectral Traxx EP

Affie Yusuf

Spectral Traxx EP

Making his first appearance on Ferox Records back in 1993 - Affie Yusuf has been producing techno, acid, and house music for over two decades, gracing... more...

12inch Chiwax: Chiwax015LTD € 10,19
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Al Massrieen - Modern Music

Al Massrieen

Modern Music

In the beginning of Habibi Funk, our search was focussed on vinyl records. Around a year ago though, we got to the point where we realized that it bec... more...

LP Habibi Funk: HABIBI006 € 24,99

Alden Tyrell - La Voix (remixes)

Alden Tyrell

La Voix (remixes)

Taken from his debut album, Mr. Tyrell's deep driving neo-italotrack 'La Voix' (with haunting vocals by Nancy Fortune) gets remixed here by The Isolat... more...

12inch Clone: C#46.1 € 7,99

Aldo Bergamachine - Astromoog

Aldo Bergamachine


Melancholic French space flavour from Radio Cosmos head honcho Aldo Bergamachine. Intense trips from another world. Must have!

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP017 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aleksi Perala - Colundi Sequence vol. 2

Aleksi Perala

Colundi Sequence vol. 2

more colundi artefacts have been found. 10.8 33 33.8 55 62.64 63 70 73.6 83 98.4 105 110 111 147 147.85 172.06 210.42 221.23 264 293 342 396 404 408 4... more...

2LP Dub: Dublp015 € 18,99

Aleqs NOTAL / 1977 - Insideus

Aleqs NOTAL / 1977


Molly presents the third EP for her RDV Music imprint featuring fellow Parisian Aleqs Notal (Clek Clek Boom, Sistrum) and 1977

12inch Recit de Voyage: RDV03 € 11,99

Alessandro Parisi - Andromeda

Alessandro Parisi


The next instalment of the Slow Motion Soundtracks Serie, this time from Pordenone's Alessandro Parisi. Interested in esoteric and religious texts,... more...

12inch Slow Motion: Slomo029 € 12,49

Ali Renault - Altro Mondo

Ali Renault

Altro Mondo

Bordello A Parigi. Ali Renault. A gin and tonic combo if there ever was one. The UK synthesizer savant lands with a four tracker of leftfield electro... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP066 € 12,19

Alice Coltrane - A Monastic Trio

Alice Coltrane

A Monastic Trio

Born Alice McLeod into a musical Detroit family, Alice Coltrane began playing piano at age seven and later studied with Bud Powell in Paris. Upon retu... more...

LP Superior Viaduct: SV020 € 32,99

Alien Alien - Humana

Alien Alien


Alien Alien from Rome better known as Rodion and Hugo Sanchez, return to Slow Motion for their second 12? 'Humana'. Backed up with a dub version of th... more...

12inch Slow Motion: Slomo025 € 12,99

Alphacom - Path EP


Path EP

Analog deep space electro with a intimate and melancholic vibe. With each sound carefully designed and crafted to provoke movement and stimulation of... more...

12inch NNY: NNY001 € 8,99

Altieri - Spazio Terra


Spazio Terra

Shanghai based, Altieri second release on Slow Motion and it is an absolute belter. An insane mix of acid and middle eastern influences that punches i... more...

12inch Slow Motion: SLOMO034 € 11,99

Andy Rantzen - O/P

Andy Rantzen


6th opus of the label. A super eclectic record, exploring diverses styles of electronic music spectrum such as IDM, Downtempo, Ambient, Synth Pop ...... more...

LP Mélodies Souterraines: SUBREC0843 € 23,99

Animistic Beliefs - Sinuous Gullies

Animistic Beliefs

Sinuous Gullies

Solar One Music is happy to release the debut of this promising Rotterdam duo Animistic Beliefs on their sublabel "Between Places". The EP comes with... more...

12inch Between Places: BP002 € 9,99

Antenna - Alesis



Antenna broadcasts new exciting sounds to the ether, channelling a banging A side and two deep cuts on the flip. The message is clear; a beautiful 90'... more...

12inch BAKK: BAKK010 € 9,99

Anthony Naples - Body Pill

Anthony Naples

Body Pill

Body Pill is a surprising album for Anthony, his most understated and mature release to date. Body Pill opens with a wall of ambient noise on ''Ris'',... more...

LP Text Records: Text034 € 15,99

Anthony Naples - Slice Of Life EP
12inch The Trilogy Tapes: TTT049 € 13,99

Antoni Maiovvi - Trauma

Antoni Maiovvi


Raw electro horror disco by the flamboyant chief of Giallo! Two vocal tracks, one club version of the title track and a more slow paced instrumental t... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP020 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Antoni Maiovvi - Adams/Branca

Antoni Maiovvi


Driftmusic, version: K / Wht / 001 - Exploring the deep roots of Avrokosm, where occult still means hidden, starting in reverse. Best foot forward, tw... more...

12inch Driftmusic: DM001 € 10,99

Aoud - SE MKII



droning, Trance inducing Techno monster

12inch Persephonic Sirens: PS03 (79195) € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Aphex Twin

Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Ltd classic re-press 2xLP. All time favourite Aphex Twin Album. Nice and accesible experimental techno. Originally released in 1992. Re-issue in Origi... more...

2LP R&S: AMB3922LP € 25,99

Aphex Twin - MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96

Aphex Twin

MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96

Aphex Twin's MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96, the Japanese bonus track for Syro, will be released on vinyl for a worldwide audience, backed with a new version... more...

12inch Warp: WARP381 € 10,99

ArD2 - Night Lights (Incl Heinrich Mueller rmx)


Night Lights (Incl Heinrich Mueller rmx)

SETI recordings tune in to a new ArD2 transmission. With the title “night lights” this 5 track EP explores the dystopian ArD2 universe with 4 tracks t... more...

12inch SETI: STR001 € 10,99

Aroy Dee - Kiss / The Planets

Aroy Dee

Kiss / The Planets

2016 Repress, comes with the original artwork. Long time 154-compadre Aroy Dee, known for releases on Rush Hour (together with the M>O>S collective),... more...

12inch NWAQ: NWAQ-03 € 8,99

Arp Frique - Welcome To The Colorful World of Arp Frique

Arp Frique

Welcome To The Colorful World of Arp Frique

The Colorful World of Arp Frique is the exotic and super funky debut album of Niels Nieuborg. After his surprising, very well received debut release o... more...

LP Colorful World: CW001 € 20,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Artefakt - The Mental Universe


The Mental Universe

After a fine first EP on the label in 2105, Dutch duo Artefakt are back on Delsin with The Mental Universe. This four track EP again finds Robin Koek... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/C8 € 9,49

Asok - Count Zero EP


Count Zero EP

Strong records (again!) by Asok with emotive techno tracks that are paying respect to the early Detroit techno releases. Recommended!!

12inch Mistress Recordings: Mistress006 (74052) € 10,99

Autechre - L-Event



Autechre have a long history of releasing impressive standalone EPs, from the early brilliance of 1994's Anti, to the unusual rhythms of 1997's Cichli... more...

12inch + Download Warp: Warp345 € 11,99

AUX 88 - Bass Magnetic

AUX 88

Bass Magnetic

AUX88 Bass Magnetic re-Issue 1993-2018. Back by popular demand, the same unique spirits that brought forth the sound of Detroit streets and turned it... more...

2x12inch Direct beat: DBC4W-190 € 29,99

Aux Tha Masterfader - Ready To Dance

Aux Tha Masterfader

Ready To Dance

Aux Tha Masterfader may sound like a creature beamed in from a distant galaxy, yet he's the latest homegrown talent to join the Bordello. But don't be... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP071 € 12,99

Avalon Emerson - Shtum 009

Avalon Emerson

Shtum 009

Killer release on Uncanny Valley related Shtum label. Their latest offering is none other than Avalon Emerson, who hits hard with her first appearance... more...

EP Shtum: Shtum009 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Beatrice Dillon - Can I Change My Mind

Beatrice Dillon

Can I Change My Mind

Exceptional, 15 minute long dancer from Beatrice Dillon, blessing the 12 x 12 series with a concatenated ‘nuum sidewinder Can I Change My Mind?, where... more...

One sided 12 Boomkat Editions: BK12X1202 € 13,99

Beesmunt Soundsystem - Aqua Como

Beesmunt Soundsystem

Aqua Como

Kitjen 006 is the tropical cruise ship experience of the summer – brought to you by Amsterdam duo Beesmunt Soundsystem. Watch an umbrella appear in yo... more...

12inch Kitjen: Kitjen006 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ben Buitendijk - Past And Present EP

Ben Buitendijk

Past And Present EP

For the second effort on his very own Oblique imprint, Ben Buitendijk returns to the sound he's only showcased through his well received Promised Land... more...

12inch Oblique Music: OBQ002 € 11,99