OlivierDaySoul - Brain

Newcomer OlivierDaySoul stroke hard with his “Soul4U” joint for 4lux. Taken from his upcoming 4lux album “Kilowatt” is this sick tune “Brain”, a dirty slo-mo headnodder with slammin beats, fat–ass wobbly minimoog bass and spacey 80’s synths. Produced by Gerd and Paulo for 4lux Recordings. Olivier’s vocals are off the wall. Remember to party because b’for you know it the cops come put the cuffs on you! Potion no. 9 is a sexy dancer. Hip hop producer The Unknown on the music, Gerd fiddling the knobs & Mr. DaySoul himself in “smooth operator” mode... so ladies watch out!

12inch 4lux White: 4luxw005 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L