When Time Doesnt Know Itself

Orakel - When Time Doesnt Know Itself

4lux White continues to explore soul, hip hop and jazz in 2011. With Orakel's debut lp the label delivers instant vintage sounds for your turntables. One big surprise this album is. Orakel is a soul jazz project from two anonymous guys with a passion for vintage sounds and cutting edge compositions like their buddy Dorian Concept (who also joins in on this album). When Life Has To Confer is an amazing collection of masterly crafted musical pieces that hit both spiritual jazz moments and pounding and glitchy electronica. Orakel hails from Vienna, Austria and the band aimed for 'an inspiring example' of how dance floor-friendly meets the musical craftsmanship of the past and at the same time, a polished contemporary production that is as easily accessible as the music of today. This album shows once again how vibrant the music scene is in the classic city of Vienna. Fine examples are the tracks the headz should check out: 'Come Closer', 'Feel The Process' and 'Interplanetary Jaunt.' All the musicians featured on this piece of wax are brilliant and to get Dwight Trible to appearing on spiritual jazz tracks like 'The Gate,' 'Recreation Song' and 'The Beginning Of The End' is a coup. Also, if you're into modern glitchy downbeat grooves, check out the bold 'Ignore C.H.A.N.G.E' that could have easily been taken from one of Gerd's successful Sub Soul Compilations. Beautiful and mesmerizing string action and dazzling flutes can be found on tracks like 'Wandering Spirit' and 'Come Closer. This simply is a breathtaking album you do not want to miss out on.

2LP 4lux White: 4luxw008lp € 13,99
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