Alden Tyrell ft Fred Ventura


Alden Tyrell ft Fred Ventura - Memories

Finally it's here! Moustache is proud to present the superhit memories by Alden Tyrell featuring ''the voice of italo'' Fred Ventura. The original version takes you back to 1983 combining rolling basslines and heavy synths with fred's outstanding lyrics. This is a true masterpiece which has already been a major hit on the cybernetic broadcasting system. The flipside contains an instrumental version of the original as well as a state of art remix by Fred Ventura and Stefano Tirone for state of art 2.0. Stefano is the original songwriter from Jock Hattle and part of Flexx when they made the futuro e donna soundtrack. The remix is really easy going and great for lazy sunday afternoons on the couch. Cutted by the legendary Lex van Coeverden. 500 copies only!

12inch Moustache: MST007 remind