Dez Dickerson


Dez Dickerson - Modernaire

The only major song from Prince's classic film, Purple Rain, to have never previously been released... Finally, after 25 years, comes Dez Dickerson's lost Minneapolis classic, 'Modernaire', mastered from a newly discovered tape recording. As if that wasn't enough, the record also features a freak-a-holic cover version by Egyptian Lover. Keeping the spirit and energy of the original alive, there are remixes by Hot Persuasion, DMX Krew and Faceless Mind, driven by the searing beats of the 808 and LinnDrum. Backed by a disco-machine version by Complexxion. Very much recommended!

12inch Citinite: Nite010 remind
12inch Citinite: Nite010 (Mint / Red Vinyl) remind