Petl ep

Ochre - Petl ep

It would be easy to lazily reference it against classic period Rephlex/Planet Mu stuff, and indeed it appears to share some of the same heritage (even going so far as to feature a remix of Rephlex artist Global Goon in its tracklisting) - but Chris Leary aka Ochre is obviously a man on his own mission. Gorgeously lush, but at the same time super-funky…as electronic as Kraftwerk starring in a remake of Tron , yet somehow as pastoral and organic as Edward Elgar…Much like his label-mate Ed Chamberlain, Leary manages that tricky task of being supremely technical in his programming and arrangements, but without losing the heart and soul of the music amidst all the studio trickery.

12inch BaseLogic: BASE006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L