An Eye To Windward

Ochre - An Eye To Windward

Since 2019, Shipwrec's ambient wing has been in hibernation; waiting for the right artist and record to revive it. That musician has now arrived, Ochre with his album: Eye to Windward. Eleven soundscapes make up this journey into the rich and textured world of this creator. The first steps on this excursion reverberate in the autumnal haze of "First Builders" before the shaded pathways of "Rising Tide" and "Evacuation." The listener finds themselves in a fissure, between different audio scenes; the sea-sawing waves of "Socotra", the undulations of the astral "Parinherm," the waking dream of "Fiddlehead", as Ochre paints in subtle tones and sounds. Fiction and film are sources of inspiration, the playful fantasies of "A Current Under Sea" and the sci-fi score of "Sand Engine" conjure vivid images through sound. A record of striking understated beauty. First pressing on "Hazy red marbled" vinyl.

LP Phainomena: Phainomena02 € 17,99