The Dust / The Tapes: Mania Remixes

Benzo - The Dust / The Tapes: Mania Remixes

BENZO is a one man project by the Lithuanian experimentalelectronic musician and psychotherapist Richardas Norvila. Moscow based Benzo has since 1998 been producing music (himself calling it (Benzo House) in his studio, a single room apartmentwith long-faded floral wallpapers, old mixing desks, a sample archive consisting of Russian vinyl records only, and his extraordinary collection of old Russian synthesizers. Contains three remixes and versions from Benzo’s debut album The Tapes (Laton 2003Sibiria (Mania Remix) on side D contains a remarkable percussion session by Bjørn Torske.

2x12inch Sex Tags Mania: Mania017 remind