Body Electric

Magic Electronic

Body Electric - Magic Electronic

Body Electric has been in very high demand for years. Steen Gjerulff made this obscure gemm back in 1984, it was only released on limited 7inch. Collectors and music lovers has been diggin' after this fantastic release for years. Now Moustache records proudly presents this masterpeice on 12inch for the first time ever. Flemming Dalum teamed up with Steen Gjerulff and made this project come true - even with brand new special extended versions. Now feel the ''magic electronic''! This power release also contains the ultra rare 5595 track, an out of this world and time futuristic cosmic electro gemm that rocks your socks off for sure..... modern space dope sound on top non stop. Limited, full colour sleeve and cutted by the only cutter ''ome lex'' in this world that still cuts totally analog.....

12inch Moustache: MST014 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L