Electrick Dragon

Electrick Dragon ep

Electrick Dragon - Electrick Dragon ep

Electrick Dragon is known for it's many releases during the last couple of years and is now set for a full release on the Moustache label. This dark poppy new wave and italo-isch E.P. has it all….and contains 4 tracks: A1 ''Italian inspiration'' is the catchy ear catcher……already played by Vunk himself at Nolla Helsinki.. he notched that his could be the next Dragon Hit!!! with strong nu-Italo Feel. A2 ''3rd Plan'' this title says enough it was the third track that this genius made special for Moustache records… strong baseline and melody strait from the heart… B1 Spacer Darker than dark fatter than fat….superior drums. With hidden lyrics I want to be a Spacccerrrr and filled with the underground electrowavesound B2 Disco Tanzen this track will fit perfect in the very late dj slots. High Bpm trippy and trancy but with the strong electro feel……. Also a local hit at the magic waves festival and Road to Rimini Party.

12inch Moustache: MST015 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L