Broken Man (Brennan Green remix)

Runaway - Broken Man (Brennan Green remix)

As a close follow up to Runaway's ''The Fire Below'', OTP's new ''Broken Man'' follows suit with sprawling mood and tension. Laced with hypnotic Detroit-esque organ riffs, disco flourishes, detuned pads, and the repeating chant ''Broken Man'', it's proper Runaway dance floor frenzy. As an A-side bonus cut we get Runaway's live version which features an outtake of their forthcoming live show! Nice! On the B-side, we get Brennan Green from Chinatown Records / NYC! Mr. Green takes the ''Broken Man'' original and remodels it into a wild snare filled stomper. Fitting nicely into a hybrid set of house and dubstep, his mix is both modern in form and classic in execution. Another super solid release for the OTP team!

12inch On The Prowl: OTP004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L