Mark du Mosch


Mark du Mosch - Bareknuckle

SD Records returns, all guns blazing, with a fourtrack smasher by Mark du Mosch and it's a small miracle these tracks are here. Noticed the scrambled spaghetti in the artwork? That's the original recording tape, right before some serious hours of restauration. ''It was nerve-wracking, but I managed to untie the knot.'' But was it worth all the effort? Hell yeah! Mark du Mosch delivers a classic EP with four very different, but ultimately essential tracks. Titletrack Bareknuckle has ''anthem'' written all over it. Warm, but pumping techno with a hint of disco and a hook that is simply killing. With the raw, dark technoelectro sound of Monolulu and Mice vs Cat Mark du Mosch dives into dusty, pounding cellar soundsystems. Machine Lives takes it in true SD style to an unexpected experimental electronica level. Classic.

12inch SD Records: SD18 remind
12inch SD Records: SD18 (Mint) remind