Syncom Data


Syncom Data - Rumpukone

''Proper destroyer,'' is what somebody said and it's probably the best description you'll hear for this new Syncom Data release. Syncom Data teams up with Finnish/Dutch vocalist Saara Soini for ''Rumpukone''. Inspired by ''Me and My Rhythm Box'' from the 1982 film ''Liquid Sky'', Saara Soini delivers a powerful vocal performance on razorsharp beats and acidic textures by Syncom Data. Drenched in shuffling machine distortion ''Rumpukone'' marches merciless on funky boots through moist and dark techno cellars. There's an instrumental as well, but it's all about the vocal version... In ''Space Madness'' Syncom Data works with Mystica Tribe from Japan, who had several records released on their label. His echoing layers of dubby melodica blend perfectly with the La Haye style beats and crashing effects by Syncom Data. Don't be fooled that it's on the b-side, this one's a sneaky winner as well.

12inch SD Records: SD38 € 8,49