Syncom Data


Syncom Data - Supercell

The long awaited return of Syncom Data on their own label. Four excellent spaced out tracks, ranging from dubby techno-electro hybrids to beatless spacesynths galore. Titletrack Supercell takes a halftempo shufflebeat as a grooving foundation for a constant changing, vibrating and pulsating dub-techno excursion. The Supercell Dub takes the original into a more tough techno direction in the best The Hague tradition. On the b-side Syncom Data start with Lullaby: a soothing melody, a shuffled beat and some deep bass kicks create a seemingly sweet electro-dubby song. Final track Cruise To Sunflower is a beatless deep space synth trip of more than 8 minutes. Great comeback of these Dutch masters of spacetechno.

12inch SD Records: SD03 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L