Orange Sky (Errorsmith, Quarion, Lowlow rmxs)

Sic! - Orange Sky (Errorsmith, Quarion, Lowlow rmxs)

Heavy duty remix ep (accompanying the first [sic!] release on Meakusma) features reworks by Errorsmith, Lowlow and Quarion. Errorsmith remodels Orange Sky, in his inimitable style, into a bouncing bomb, solely focused on making the dancefloor explode in delirious delight. Lowlow's version explores the darker side of the track, conjuring up a syncopated nu disco rhythm that sounds claustrophobic and ecstatic at the same time. Quarion takes 'Orange Sky' to the beach and gives it a balearic house feel. Tip!

12inch Meakusma: Mea004.2 € 8,99