Reel By Real

20 Years Surkit Part C/D

Reel By Real - 20 Years Surkit Part C/D

Part two of the Surkit (Interface 102) re-release. Part 1 came with the artwork sleeve and this is the missing record that goes with it. We could safely say this is an absolute must have for everyone who knows cares even the slightest bit about the roots of techno music! One of the (many) highlights on Techno that made us fall in love with Techno music. Far apart from the paint by number techno that is produced these days which lacks a lot of things that we enjoy in good music. Of course every music style has its own purpose, and we don't want to be negative about any musical creations by anyone, but some things are just unique and others are not. These tracks are part of a unique period in Techno music history that we cherish. Here the part 2 of the nice double volume re-release that we offer you with a lot of pleasure!

12inch Artless: ARTLESS2200C/D remind