Reel by Real

Surkit Chamber, The Melding

Reel by Real - Surkit Chamber, The Melding

the debut album by Detroit Techno veteran Martin Bonds aka Reel By Real. After 2010?s retrospective of his most seminal work including some collaborations with Juan Atkins and Anthony Shake Shakir, these are the first new tracks under his Reel By Real moniker since almost two decades and it seems like it could have never been a better timing for it than now! These nine new pieces of music are showing their unique fresh colours of Detroit Techno in a way they could have been only created by someone like Marty Bonds who is always striving to find his very own way in musical creativity. This album takes you on a great multifaceted journey through one of America?s definitive music capitals and the birthplace of Techno narrated by one of its very own musicians and a true ambassador of its soundtrack! To support the scene of authentic Detroit artists the cover illustration for this album was created by Abdul Haqq from Third Earth Visual Arts who is still (after more than 20 years) giving Detroit Techno a visual face with his artworks for the likes of Underground Resistance, Transmat, Red Planet just to name a few! Enjoy the resurrection of Reel By Real with this very special debut album!

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