Wbeeza - Void

After three well-received eps on Third Ear it is debut album time for Peckham’s Wbeeza. Seventeen tracks (mastered by Stefan Betke) that come as limited cd run and digital release!. Wbeeza he has been packaged as the House Music traditionalists saviour in some quarters. But this doesn’t explain his favour with UK Bass musics party promoters and artists, and with the new generation of dancers who don’t know what House music is any more than they know who Frankie Knuckles is. It is the musicality of House and the honesty of House music that Wbeeza is vibing on. He has an identifiable sound which goes beyond House into Hip Hop, Funk, minimalism, slo mo beats, Jazz, dissonance, Techno and yes, the bass. Whatever you label the beats and grooves on this album, there is no doubting that they are the real deal. DELANO SMITH – Maybe the best deep house album in the last 10 years!!!. JUS ED – Irresistable! He has so much talent. TRUS’ME – Super strong debut. Lovely flow! I've got the album on loop. Variations is easily one of the best tracks of 2010

CD Third Ear: 3eepcd201006 € 14,99
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