Gesetz Der Oktaven


Gesetz Der Oktaven - Klirrfaktor

KLIRRFAKTOR is Berlin-based producer Hanno Leichtmann's second release as GESETZ DER OKTAVEN, once again on Third Ear. Gesetz Dr Oktavn is strongly influenced by '80s bands Liaisons Dangereuses, CH BB, and sporadically DAF but goes more in the direction of Techno and Electro. As before, the musical instruments and equipment define the project and the sound. Hanno used a drum machine, a MiniMoog sequenced by a TB 303, a vintage Drum Synth and six effect combinations for the delay / reverb tracks, all though a large Soundtracs desk from the 1980s with 16 channels and 6 Aux Sends for effects. Once again, all the track titles are old or obsolete studio/audio terms.

EP Third Ear: 3eep201801 € 9,99